Jean Paul M | Cash Cash

"We've worked with some of the biggest names in the game and NOBODY knows their clients better."

Denis L | All Night Dynamite

"Some of the best production chops in the industry. He always delivers the sound we're looking for."

Rob F | Downshallow

"I've been a recording artist for nearly fifteen years. A long time ago I discovered a gem in Suburban Soul Studios and their professionalism. For years, I've gone back to their outstanding production & incredibly friendly atmosphere and have urged many of my musical peers to do the same."

Jason A | JMD Band

"Awesome engineer and a great producer. He really was able to get the most out of us when we recorded...He combines his expertise with an easy going demeanor that makes working with him a pleasure."

Bob H

"Real talent and you can tell he loves what he does. Highly recommend Suburban Soul Studios."

Edward S

"Great ideas that can really take your songs to the next level. Once you adjust to this level of service and experience you'll find yourself not wanting to deal with anyone else."

Jessica H

"He understood my vision...Awesome vibe, passionate and professional people, and top notch equipment to make Suburban Soul Studios my go-to for any music production I need."

Mark O

"An awesome engineer and a great producer. He's easy going and has good ideas about how to improve each song...I'm not a great musician but once he gets done messing with my stuff, it sounds good enough to play on the radio. I've had 12 songs that have been played on various stations."